Reflections on a New Year

In the first few weeks of the new year, it was quite amazing to observe the transitional experience of going back to work, school or both that could evidently be read on people’s faces as they literally struggled to get on London transport and re-adjust back to the real world after the joy of Christmas.

A start of a New year should always be viewed as an opportunity. The beginning of anything you want it to be.It should serve as a reminder that you still have another shot at life to achieve all the things you have always wanted to do. Yes of course daily life is still the same. We sleep in same bed, we get up at the same time that we used to, we have the same breakfast and most of the time go to the same old jobs that we dislike. So whats so new about the New Year? It’s a new chance to make better decisions and kick-start life with a renewed sense of perspective, time and chance. It is not a time for being exhausted, disappointed and in debt, however quite often it can seem like the case.


It seems to be one of the biggest challenges that we all face. I know it is definitely one of mine. The list of tasks I would like to do and need to do seem so overwhelming compared to the number of hours in each day. Wake up, shower, lay out my clothes, do my makeup, eat breakfast, prepare lunch, go to work, get home, sort the washing out . . . its never ending . . .

If I were to examine some of thoughts about January, it would be a random assortment of semi-formed and seasoned musings along the lines of, ‘I wonder whether I’ll try making a warm Moroccan salad tonight?’ – ‘I need to start juicing my fruits and vegetables’. ‘Maybe I’ll re-train as a teacher’ and ‘Perhaps I’ll take a short break. How much do flights to New York cost around February?’ For most of January I was in a whirlwind of thoughts and ideas that outside the usual cycle of wake up, work, eat and go to bed. I have managed to do some things like getting round to writing this blog.(Finally)

This year, instead of my traditional New Year resolutions, I have decided to prepare for the year ahead in the first month and reflect on where I am in relation to the smart goals I previously set before the year began.

So it is with these reflections that I have begun my New Year journey.


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