Great Adaptations

If you grow up in Lagos, it prepares you for the world” – Sunday Oliseh, TedX Euston 2014

My “fascination” with writing about Nigeria stemmed from my early childhood. I always had a vision of living in Nigeria from a young age. For me it was the beginning of my imagination and writing memory as a writer. It is the first place I ever wrote about. Eight months ago I boarded a plane from London to Nigeria to embark on a new life experience.

The purpose of my journey was to discover a number of things about myself and my homeland, challenge myself in a ‘foreign environment’, immerse myself in inspiration for my book, carry out research for a documentary, have some adventure, interview my Dad about family stories and establish new connections. For those who have read some of my musings about Nigeria  #Edel Watch you will know that Nigeria can be a bittersweet place to travel to at times, but it is also true true to say with my hand on my heart that there is never a dull moment there either. Lagos in particular is an exciting place.

For me, Nigeria is the most unique country in the world; a place of abundant opportunities where a man or a woman can go from the street the board room in one day. But also at the same time a place where equality and security are not always there. Despite the hardships faced by the majority, its citizens are sustained with the belief/hope/promise of a better tomorrow.I have met some wonderful people, made some great friends and had some incredible experiences. I’ve had ups and downs but that single decision, though hard at times, has been the single best decision I have made in my life.


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