Christmas #Nostalgia Pt 2:A #Wonderful #Christmas

My mother had an expression that she would often use, she would say “this life is wonderful.” she would say, It was like saying “nobody knows tomorrow,” it was generally used as an African wow statement that kind of encompassed everything joyful and amazing.

When I use this word I think about her use of it, so deeply entrenched in my mind. Wonderful. Back then, Christmas lasted foe three days up until Boxing Day so food stocking was expected. Those three days of Christmas were full of delightful fun,food and leftovers.

I guess you could say I feel a sense of nostalgia for how much simpler things were back then. It’s true I do. I even miss the simple toys that you could share with others like sticker books, collector and series books, board games, snow scene shakers, wooden farm animals and soft toys that made noises and cards that sang. The chance of seeing these kinds of toys again is less likely now with Nintendo DS, Xbox 360 and Wii, rather than this you might just find them rejected in a charity shop or a car boot sale than on far from anyone’s wish list.

Of course there were still mince pies, and James Bond ‘Gold finger’ was on for the nineteenth time but we still loved it! No one I knew had a Sky box in the 80’s or 90’s and honestly ITV and the VHS player did just fine.
No matter what was under the tree, we were happy. Christmas was a family time, eating and laughing together that was what made it so special.

Nowadays it’s probably the only time a great effort is made to sit down and share a meal with others. Whether its playing cards, Ludo, Connect 4, Chess, eye spy or reminiscing about family holidays gone by it is still the togetherness that mattered more than anything else.

Those seasonal memories have somehow been marked in my mind as magical and reminiscent of an unforgettable and awesome childhood. Christmas was always a time when one made do with what one had. We were content. Wishing and dreaming was all part of the Christmas dream that made that time of year so exciting, and receiving gifts was not the be all and end all of everything, it was just a small part of the bigger miracle of Christmas time.


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