#Christmas #Nostalgia Part 1: #Music to my Ears

I have been listening to Christmas songs this evening. Classics like Santa Baby, When a Child is born, Driving home for Christmas and others Christmas sing along songs. All of a sudden, I am not sure why but I’m starting to feel very nostalgic about my childhood Christmases past. It often happens around this time, and here are some of the things I have been thinking so fondly about.

I am remembering one winter evening, Christmas was coming, it was days away. Perhaps it might have been Christmas Eve Eve. My mother took me and my younger brother and older sister out to pick up some last minute shopping. .

She would buy us warm honey roasted pralines from the street vendor on Kilburn high street, the steam from the pan breathing heat on us for a brief moment as we gathered waist high around my mother to collect our nuts. The sweet taste and aroma would provide a pleasant distraction from the cold, as our tiny milk teeth chattered away eating nuts , leaving my mother enough time to complete her Christmas shopping list less distraction.

On our way back we would hurry past frantic shoppers, squeezing bags of shopping between our frozen fingers. Once home, the orange glow from the portable electric heater provided enough heat until the central heating filled the house so we could feel our hands and toes again and giggle with excitement about what we might be given in a few days’ time. Back then gifts were a secret. No one knew what to expect as a present.

The commercial aspect of Christmas was always there, you know the usual suspects Argos, Woolworths, Bee jams, ToysR Us, C&A and you can’t forget St Michael’s, now Marks and Spencer’s, but now its just a different kind of era.

In fact you never knew what you were going to get and it didn’t really matter whether you got it or not, that’s what kept us excited, the possibility of our wish coming true.


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