How to be a Travel Pro

When va-moussing, going out of town, or jetting out for a couple of days as I like to refer to it I become a different person. Enter serene travel Goddess . . .Passport and boarding pass in one hand and luggage in the other I consider myself for a split second to be a seasoned travel pro. Well (so I think), I qualify in less formal ways such as enduring the longest stopover in the Guinness book of records when I last travelled to Houston Texas, stopping over in Detroit airport for eighteen hours whilst waiting for a connecting flight to London. Looking back that £20 saving on my ticket just was not worth it at all.

My previous escapes abroad to Nigeria have taught me alot about being prepared. For those of you who have not been here let me explain what I mean. Nigeria is wonderful, but its Africa for the experienced traveller, it is not Africa for beginnners like Morocco or Egypt.

Even by road journey in Nigeria I have travelled for ten hours to the Eastern region of Nigeria by ITC bus, starting from Charity bus stop in Lagos, to Imo State ‘to God be Glory’ indeed! I have also travelled for nineteen hours scenic route through France by coach to Barcelona.To Burkina Faso, Quagadougou (not by my will) to a place where nobody from the airport to the hotel speaks English and I have survived. In my travels I have endured an emergency landing, two cancellations of flights in a row due to technical problems, more than a 72 hour delay, (well actually it was a four day delay to be exact,) buggage loss, an airline boarding pass re-print an hour before flight, and an emergency landing and if that’s not enough to get a travel pro T-shirt and Conde Nast Travel Pro Award then I guess my bum in the air, struggling to buckle my sandals and fasten my belt, balance and hold my passport and boarding pass should make me qualify.

Despite all my travel challenges I must say I feel so alive when I travel, it is true escapism at its best. It is almost an addiction.(Notes to traveller: Easyjet does not feed you, its just the flight! There is no in-flight TV either because you have not paid for it!)

One thing I will never understand about flying is why everyone gets up poised to disembark when the plane stops, its not as if we are getting out for another twenty minutes so whats the rush anyway?

Thanks to my co- passenger’s knee, as tall as a basketball player poking me throughout the whole journey I am as stiff as a stuffed bird. As I leave the aircraft I wonder why he just didn’t pay for upper class and leave the economy class to us Oliver twisters?

Anyway finally I am here. Roll on Nice and Monaco-Monte Carlo here I come!


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