The writing business: Part 1

Do not give up

I like books. I collect books.I like words, I write words.
For as long as I can remember reading and writing has always been part of my life.
From handwritten short stories to keeping journals. Writing words has always been my passion.
They say “readers are leaders”, I agree, and I also think readers are writers and bloggers too.
We live in an age of stories – life stories, on social media, in telecommunications via text, whats app, bbm, print or the old fashioned way by hand.

As a trained journalist, editor and publishing consultant I can tell you that writing is a valueable trade. It is one that can pay the bills, but you just have to want to do it bad enough. Becoming a writer who doesn’t just write but is commissioned to write requires a thick skin, grit and determination.

I guess just about everybody needs a writer at some point, from community newsletters to creative copy for business marketing, press releases, website content or writing a letter. Its good to know someone who can write or can give you advice on writing. Armed with this perspective, I am increasingly becoming a business woman with a plan. Not a lone, self-confessed freelancer begging to write for media outlets, or even an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but daily as I read, reflect, absorb and ask questions, I just write.

I have no choice but to keep writing.
It’s my thing.


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