The writing business: Part 2 – Failure and Success . . .

I believe there is a thin line between failure and success.
What I mean by this is that writing is a regular activity. To be successful out there in the industry, you must first be successful in mastering it as your hearts desire. Only then can it become a habit, or a lifestyle that you can make money from. You need to look for ideas, and look for opportunities, and be willing to do this first without being paid.

Remember no matter how little, just start small, write the first paragraph, write the first chapter, just do it.
Try not to despise the days of humble beginnings or mistakes either. Every writer on the planet is notorious for grammar and punctuation mistakes. Count me in. I am still learning. I think I have made about two typos here already.Take it from me learning to write is part of my everyday life.

I realise now that all writing is poetry because it flows, it is also divinely inspired because God gives inspiration and wisdom to write. Take note in the bestseller of all time, in the chapters called Psalms and Songs of Solomon and also in Habukkuk Scene 3, Act 4 “Write the vision and make it plain, so that he or she that sees it may run with it”.

Becoming a successful writer who doesn’t just write but is commissioned to write requires grit and determination, it is essentially an entrepreneurial career path because you are building something of your own from nothing, and its up to you to take ownership of your writing craft.

What do I mean by successful? Simply put this is someone who believes they can MAKE AN IMPACT through writing. To take it a one step further I would define this as hardworking, submitted to God and being known for doing what you do well. Here are some things I’ve learned over the years that apply not only to writing but to all worthy professions.

5 Top Tips

1.Don’t underestimate prayer in business. Prayer will help you be a creative problem-solver for your client. Just like you trust God to guide your decisions in every area of your life, you need that same direction professionally for writing. Ask for fresh ideas in your writing journey EVERY DAY.

2.Don’t be all things to all people because it might cost you your integrity, time and money or all. Always step back and ask yourself, “how does this fit into the expansion plan for my life?’ In other words is it worth the effort?
Don’t be afraid to turn down jobs, assignments or clients because you’re scared to miss out on an opportunity. Not everything that comes across your path will be for you.

3.Write a little every day. Choose a time when your quiet or even when its hectic to just retreat into your spirit and note what comes to mind. Just write a little every day. For serious writers choose a writing day each week or if possible once a month and stick to it. Write when no one looking, write on your napkin in the restaurant, write on the plane, write on a road journey and yes write errhmm . . . you know where in bathroom, write when everyone is asleep and all you can hear is your laptop hissing away. Whatever it takes just write NOW!

4.Remember to help others. Give other people ideas and help them on their writing journey and in turn others will make the same happen for you. Believe me its true.

5.Surround yourself with people who can mentor or teach you. Likewise mentor and teach someone the things that you know. More will come to you this way and it will push you to another level as a writer.


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