God Speaks

I had planned to blog this for a while since I came back from Nigeria but each time I sat down to start writing, either sleep would come upon me, I would be distracted or I would quickly lose interest. So I decided to start “small, small” as they say in Nigeria by summarising all my jottings and short hand scribbles made in the middle of the night, by candle or torch light or when travelling by road.

I wanted to document all the small humbling experiences, surprises, random acts of kindness and moments of quiet reflection that I had during my time in Nigeria.
In Nigeria I became more prayerful, some of you will already know what I mean before I explain. However, for those of you who don’t know, Nigeria makes you pray more. You pray for everything, you pray that electricity NEPA (National Electric Power Authority) comes back on and when it does you literally do a mini thanksgiving service!

Everywhere speaks to your spirit, no matter where you go, and implores you to say close to God. Every mode of transport carries with it the living and breathing word, a message of hope and encouragement. “One True God” and “God Reigns.” Everywhere the Word is written on buses, pillars, walls, signposts and cars “Jesus lives”, “Will of God,” and even “Almighty Driver.” My personal favourite is an advert for a popular malt drink that reads “Let’s go higher!”

I have learnt from my travels that Nigeria also makes you more thankful for where you are no matter your situation, something I am learning to make a quiet reflection at all times whether abroad or at home.


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