Graduation Day

Throughout the two years of post graduate study; typing until my fingers hurt, reading until my eyes closed, waking up as my laptop began to node off to sleep, forgetting my student ID password and juggling full time work, I have learnt some of life’s greatest lessons.

During this time, as my childhood dream began to come alive I learnt about discipline and integrity. These values have helped me to develop as a writer, and even though I have finally finished studying, I am still learning about them but now is the time to put all that I have learnt to good use.

Like the Vice Chancellor Julius Weinberg said “few graduates succeed on their own,” this so true, and just like in life and on graduation day, whether through a word or a smile we need our support network to be there.

Meeting up on graduation day and reconnecting with fellow students was an eye opening experience, as we are now all part of a global network of Kingston alumni with a broad range of academic backgrounds, specialisms, working and aspiring to work in the creative and professional industries.

In the words of Dr Wendy Perriam, author of 24 books to date, “graduation marks the beginning of a new journey.”

She says “Always follow your heart, in your spouse, in your career. Follow your own personal aspirations, discover who you are”.

She added: “It’s important to never stop thinking and believing, work out what is best, having it all sometimes leads to burn out and frustration.”

“Above all make a difference in the world. Some of the greatest writers suffered, a wound lives in the artist, but out of that wound can be a blessing too. Value your setbacks, it matters that you care and that you live life. Don’t be afraid. Now is the time to pursue your dreams.”


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