Success Summit International 2012

The  word success is a small word but it holds such great importance to every human being on the planet, and the dream of being wildly successful in every area of life is something very close to most people’s hearts. Simply put, people want to be associated with success.

However in our world today, success is often defined by being rich and well recognised. It seems the world is obsessed with it, so much so that there has been a rise in reality TV shows like X Factor, Apprentice, America’s next top model, American Idol, Pop Idol and other spin offs alike that pull in massive hopefuls and audiences watching to see if they too can become the next big success.

However, far from the world of TV, in our everyday lives being able to extract life principles that prepare one for success is an important skill and a requirement towards becoming successful. Recently, in the first instalment of it’s kind in the UK, a conference called Success Summit International was held at Friends House in Euston on the 10th November 2012, with the aim of doing just that.

The conference speakers included; Rabbi Daniel Lapin, founding rabbi of Pacific Jewish Centre, Gary Clarke, Hillsong Church London, Simone Laubscher, Founder of Rejuv London & Egypt, Dr. Denis Cauvier, a results-oriented speaker, Business trainer and Consultant, Rob Sherwood, Owner of DSL Accounting, and Nims Obunge MBE, who serves as the CEO of The Peace Alliance (TPA), a national crime reduction and community cohesion charity.

Each speaker was clearly handpicked because of the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that they were able to delve into and share in their journeys to success. From knowing your purpose, being born a success and tapping into your greatness, gaining financial wisdom, becoming a high performer, building your knowledge base, deciding what your values are, Christ like character in business, guarding your ear gates from those with a different attitude to you, starting a business, developing and maintaining rich life-giving relationships, health and fitness awareness and most importantly the importance of spirituality in creating true success.

The aim of the conference was to develop and further the entrepreneurial spirit in the UK, with the holistic approach to helping people realise their purpose and their potential, something that is vitally important to the future revival of the UK.

The concept behind the Success Summit is based on the biblical principle of being your brother’s keeper in the journey towards success, and is depicted in the conference’s logo as one person reaching out to another, on their way up the summit.

Hosted by Jeff Letz, CEO and owner of Genistar, a London based financial education and services firm, Jeff has dedicated his life to teaching universal success principles to people from all walks of life.

What was eye opening was the realisation that success was not purely linked to oneself, and that real success is more than money, it’s about your entire life and what you represent in the marketplace.

If in our pursuit of success in 2013 and beyond we serve others, do good and exemplify Godly values surely success will follow us where ever we go.

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